How long can a friendship last?


How long can a friendship last? According to a study, if a friendship survives for more than 7 years, then it is real. And that is a very long time, is not it? But most of our friendships are ephemeral, like the summer storms that come and go. We all know that a friendship does not consist in the number of close people, but in the mutual trust and respect that needs to be built between two individuals.

Every day we interact with new people and everyone has the option to meet others. Of course, this choice is based on the personality: extroverts, for example, are constantly looking for new people with whom to interact and who like social activities. On the contrary, introverts do not need many friends to be happy. Another factor that determines whether you want to meet your new classmate, workmate or neighbor is the first impression. For example, appearance is important, but it is not decisive for the character of the person.
The first impression is important because it talks a lot about the person, when we meet someone, we can already perceive some things about the expression of the person, how strong he or she takes us by the hand when he/she greets us, the posture, the tone of the voice, the look, etc.

To get to know each other enough, we need a lot of time, have some common interests, frequent conversations, time together, mutual help and sharing personal things. It is a period of pleasure when you are with that person sharing endless talks, meals, and where there is a willingness to help that friend when he needs it, and where both live in an environment of understanding and trust.

And it’s very nice when you have a friend like that, but sometimes it’s just a mask. What is behind it, who is that person?
How much time do we need to get someone out of our life? If the formation of friendship lasts for months, taking it out can only happen in a few days or weeks.
After long conversations and trust between the two, there is a period of cooling down of the pleasurable emotions and the general themes are exhausted. But, why is this happening? No one has the right to be treated like a pair of old jeans: to leave them abandoned when they have a new one. Still, this is happening. In front of what you call a friend, you see a different person.

A casual friendship has an approximate lifespan of one year.
I’m not saying we should be unbelievers and not relax when we’re with friends, but as time goes on and we understand many things, it’s good to be alert.

What is the cost of losing a friendship?

There are people who go through a difficult situation when a friendship comes to an end, and there are also other more optimistic that after the moment, they move on.
Therefore, avoid spending time with false friends, and when a toxic friendship is over, always look forward, it is not worth regretting the lost friendship, because we still have many people ahead in our life to share great moments.

Nothing offends a friend as much as mistrust: because what is friendship but the unity of two souls? And where is this unit without confidence?
(Mark Tulli Cicero)

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