Do you want to overcome low self-esteem and deal with problems?


Low self-esteem is a problem that can complicate the lives of many people, but here we offer a proven method to face it.
The method is to use positive thoughts in your favor.

Positive thoughts have a proven effect on the problems of life …
Starting to change negative words for positive ones will help you to take that new positive feeling as your own and it will be easier to face difficult problems and situations.

When we have low self-esteem the negative thoughts invade our mind, we think ugly things about ourselves (I’m very fat, very skinny, my hairstyle looks bad, I’m shy, I do not have friends …) and those thoughts are very fixed in our personality and way of acting; That is why people will perceive our insecurity and many will get away from us or will want to take advantage of our situation.

To change everything, we must cultivate the habit of having positive thoughts about ourselves whenever we can. That is, not only when some negative thought invades our mind, but whenever we can, at different times of the day we repeat positive affirmations to ourselves.

For example if your problem of low self-esteem is related to that you do not have friends, you can say mentally (and out loud if you want) “I am a social person, and I like to meet new people”. As the days go by, repeating the positive thoughts so many times will make them look at your way of acting and face life, and people will end up perceiving it and they will see you as you want them to see you.

Remember: One always reflects your thoughts. If you think you are shy for example, you will act as a shy person, and people will perceive you as such. On the other hand, if you think you are social, you will act as a social person and people will be attracted to you.

A tip: It is much better to have positive thoughts approaching the situation from the Well-side, instead of mentioning negative things or the same problem: For example if you have shyness problems you should say “I am a very social person“, instead of saying ” I’m not a shy person“.


And what happens when I have to face an ugly situation?

Sometimes there can be very bad people who want to abuse us physically and verbally. That is why the sooner you start to cultivate good thoughts, you will adopt a better personality that allows you to avoid or do better in the face of the situation.

When you encounter situations like this, do not take other people’s attacks as something personal, and instead of feeling bad, take it as a fun challenge where you put your positive thoughts to the test and ignore the negative things they can say or do.

Remember that when someone says a mockery or mistreatment towards you, it is not because you deserve it or because you are like that. Bad people always tease or mistreat others to hide their own fears, insecurities or defects.

Do not you believe me ?, I tell you my case … When I was around 15 or 16 years old, many comrades mistreated me or discriminated against me for not being good at soccer. At the time I did not know what I was just explaining to you and I took it personally and I felt very bad. I thought it was bad for the sport and did not deserve to have friends. When the time passed and we finished high school, the years passed and I realized that they were really like that to hide their bad sports performance … If they had been good as they told me when they made fun of me today they would not be playing in the big teams ?.

Who are all my advice for?

The advice I give you, to cultivate positive thoughts and affirmations, is useful for any type of problem that affects your self-esteem, if you feel bad about the appearance of your body, because you have shyness or problems to make friends, if they make fun of you or they discriminate against you because your have different tastes, etc …

Keep in mind that when you start having positive thoughts, you should accompany them, if necessary, with activities that help to give foundation and consistency to your new way of thinking. For example, if you look bad for being fat, in addition to having positive thoughts and self-acceptance, you should find some physical activity that you like and help you lose pounds. With the passage of time both activities (positive thoughts and physical activity, for example), will have an enormously favorable impact on your personality because you see yourself improving day by day.

Well, from now on, you already have in your hands a powerful tool that will allow you to change your life in the direction you want. And remember, if you have problems, always also talk to your trusted people and do not stop asking for help.

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